Creation of HUMADE Group

Press Release
Paris, June 1, 2023.

Algofi rethinks its organization and takes a major step in its development: The creation of its parent company, HUMADE Group.

We are pleased to announce the creation of HUMADE Group, the parent company that will carry our subsidiaries Algofi Paris, Algofi Italy and Algofi Middle East Africa (MEA).

In 2004, we created and developed Algofi, a subsidiary specialized in IT & Market Finance.
In 2023, Algofi is 3 companies (France, Italy and Morocco), a little more than 30 million euros in turnover, 250 consultants, expertise in digital, operational professions, financial software, financial engineering, risk management. A pure player positioning with 90% of turnover in market finance.
After 20 years of existence, we have cultivated a detailed understanding of customer requirements, as well as an advanced knowledge of market issues.

With the creation of the HUMADE Group, we are taking another step forward.
The objective is to diversify and expand our activities to other sectors and businesses, in order to offer a more complete offer to our customers, and to enjoy a greater regional and international presence. Our ambition is to become a renowned group in our field, providing quality expertise and an offer adapted to the needs of our customers and taking advantage of innovations in the constantly evolving fields of cloud, data, artificial intelligence, connectivity, software, digital engineering, platforms and advice.
We are convinced that our experience, our know-how and our spirit of innovation will be assets that will allow us to satisfy our current and future customers.

Toussaint DEGBO
Founder and CEO HUMADE Group

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