Today, when I look at the Group that has become ALGOFI and the passion that drives each of its members, I am obviously proud but I am convinced that the best is yet to come!

Toussaint DEGBO, CEO & Founder

Algofi’s management team is first and foremost Toussaint DEGBO, CEO and founder, financial engineer by training, and Meyer MARCIANO, mathematician and economist, who joined Algofi as Associate Managing Director in 2017, after the acquisition of Teknys Consulting, an ESN in market finance, of which he was the founding manager. In 2011, Antoine HURAND joined Algofi as a Junior Business Manager to become Sales Director and Partner in 2019.

These three complementary profiles create a visionary management, sharing their their skills to unite teams with a wide range of expertise.

Today, accompanied by Benjamin SCHELLER, Deputy Sales Director and Graziella SETTE, Head Office Manager, they continue to build on their ability to recognise each individual’s expertise, to make the most of it, and to awaken the desire to be enterprising, innovative and imaginative.

But above all, to encourage people to want to work together!

Toussaint DEGBO

CEO & Founder


Managing Director

Antoine Hurand

Sales Manager


Deputy Sales Manager

Graziella SETTE

Head Officer Manager