Recruitment Process

For ALGOFI, performance comes first and foremost from putting the consultant at the core of our interests.
We are confident in you, in your skills, and in our ability to find you the project that perfectly meets your expectations. Most of ALGOFI’s recruitment is based on profile (more than 95%).

Why should you join ALGOFI?

  • An ability to find the project that fully meets your expectations
  • Referencing with all major accounts in the sector
  • A dynamic team of business engineers with real business knowledge
  • A structured and motivating HR policy
  • Always more advantages: Substantial participation, company savings plan, mutual, provident, various bonuses, and many more to come
  • A real proximity with the management teams of our clients, as with all our consultants
  • A positive working environment with a strong team spirit (afterworks, Speed Learning, training, …)
  • A wide range of career development opportunities to match your ambitions

You are passionate about market finance or value-added IT projects, you like excellence.

Our Recruitment Process...


We match our needs with your career aspirations.


We adapt the schedule of our meetings to your availability.


We are organised and efficient, our recruitment process lasts 1 to 2 weeks… only!


We don’t keep you waiting! You will receive an answer within 2 weeks of your last interview.

Step 0

From research to first contact…

We use several recruitment channels, such as Linkedin, Job Boards, school forums, internal or external co-optation, international recruitment campaigns and spontaneous applications. This allows us to identify you and initiate the meeting.

Step 1

First HR interview


  • Presentation of ALGOFI’s business offers and open positions
  • Answers to your questions
  • Assessment of your motivation and suitability to be

This is an opportunity for you to describe your career, the reasons for your career and training choices, and to share your professional expectations (position, salary expectations, etc.). The recruitment manager may be accompanied by one or more Business Engineers to give you examples of ongoing projects.

Step 2

Skills Validation


We submit a technical or functional test, which can be carried out online at your convenience. Assessment of your skills and validation of your knowledge by a technical or functional referent.

Step 3


With the management

The Management is determined to meet all future Algofiens and share our culture and values with you!

This is an opportunity to ask all your questions you may have and for the Management, to review the previous interviews and present our business project.

Step 4

Submission of the job proposal
by the HR department
Signing of the contract

Congratulations! You are ALGOFIEN.NE!
This is the beginning of a new adventure!