Interview with Mamadou Ndiaye

Hello Mamadou, can you introduce yourself in a few words? When did you join Algofi & what position do you hold?

My name is Mamadou, I have been a C# consultant and developer at Algofi since 2018.
I hold two master’s degrees, the first in network and telecom that I followed in Dakar and the second in computer development followed at Paris 6. I completed my work-study training at BNP Asset Management as a support assistant in the THEAM fund management team.
I joined Algofi on a permanent contract in 2018 after my work-study program and I started my consulting career with a first mission as a Transact SQL and PowerBuilder developer at BNP CIB within the ALMT team that deals with risk management.

You have recently learned C#, can you tell us more about this approach?

During my mission as a Transact SQL and PowerBuilder developer at BNP CIB, I had the opportunity to discover the .NET and C# languages as part of a completely rewritten redesign of the WARM application.
I was participating in this project but I was very quickly limited because I could not participate in the coding phase not having the required C# skills.
It was a real realization, the world of IT is a world in constant evolution and the technologies I used and that I was aware of were a little “old”. I needed to have new skills in new, trendier technologies. So I decided to train and I followed almost 3 months of training on the Pluralsight platform.

In your current mission, how do you put these new skills into action?

Through this training, I acquired the basic skills and concepts in C#. To implement my new knowledge and to train, I developed an electronic document management application that I put online and which is quite functional today.
I am currently looking for a mission and am therefore looking for a C# developer assignment.

How did Algofi help you in this process?

First of all, Algofi allowed me to follow this training by giving me completely free access to Pluralsight, a platform on which I followed 3 months of full-time training. Training also required being able to free up time, which Algofi gave me.
In parallel, I was accompanied by Thomas DETAVERNIER, CTO at Algofi. His coaching has been a great help to me! Thomas was very available, he offered me a totally personalized training course and we organized very regular follow-up points. It was especially Thomas’ coaching that motivated me and helped me to see more clearly, because at the beginning you don’t really know where to start.

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