What is an IT consultant at Algofi?

Over the past 20 years, the French consulting market has experienced an unprecedented increase: it exceeds 4 billion euros per year and it is estimated that since the year 2000, the number of consultants has increased by 85%.
Despite the crisis that has weakened all French companies, the IT sector is doing well. Indeed, more than 6 out of 10 companies have made their digital transformation a priority: a phenomenon reinforced by the crisis that has shown the importance of digital technologies to remain competitive.
The IT consulting market in ESN is on the rise despite a difficult context: becoming a consultant in this promising sector therefore offers many advantages.

But what is an IT consultant? ????
A consultant is a service provider. He/she is hired by a service company and performs a mission in his/her expertise at the client company. He/she can also act independently, i.e. with an independent status.

What are the advantages of being an IT consultant at Algofi?

???? More job opportunities: the consulting profession offers many job opportunities and even more in a digital service company (ESN) specialized in IT and Market Finance.
At Algofi, we currently have more than 200 open consultant positions and receive more than 3000 tenders from our clients each year.

???? Experiment often and learn a lot. : The consulting world offers the opportunity to work with very different corporate cultures, work methodologies, sectors and teams. This allows you to learn, acquire more skills and be versatile. Few sectors offer such a learning curve to young graduates.
By working on various issues and clients, consultants will live the equivalent of a new professional experience at each mission. This aspect of the consulting profession is one of the main advantages of consulting and is a real career booster.
At Algofi we provide the necessary keys to quickly develop skills by offering training. Our Human Resources Manager, Elena and the CTO, Thomas, are there to accompany and guide our employees on our 3 partner platforms in personalized training courses covering a multitude of topics.
This also involves regular sessions led by internal experts (practice leaders) to train our employees in both hard skills (methodologies, data analysis, etc.) and soft skills (speaking, customer relations, etc.).

???? Diversity and change: consultants carry out assignments, more or less long, which allows them to work on different projects. Each mission is different and allows you to get away from the routine.
At Algofi, your referent business manager will be able to support you in your mission choices. We listen to your desires and professional ambitions and our main goal is that you flourish in your projects.

???? Job security: As a consultant, you have a permanent contract with the service company. Algofi takes care of accompanying you for the long term, it is our responsibility to find you a new project!

???? Get support from your consulting firm: Hired by one company but working in another, you may feel like you don’t really belong to one or the other.
At Algofi, we want to make sure you don’t feel that way and provide you with as much follow-up as you need. Being a human-sized company allows us to create a real relationship with our employees, our team is always available for you when you need it.
We also organize afterworks and monthly events that allow us to meet in a less formal environment, which promotes exchanges and meetings.

We hope this article has helped you better understand the role of an IT consultant and will make you want to join ???? us.
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